Sunbiose is a 4 year project, running in the Dutch Innovation program MOOI. This project has received funding from the Dutch Government via the MOOI regeling, project MOOI22003. (https://www.topsectorenergie.nl/tki-nieuw-gas/subsidies/MOOI-regeling). The project started in March 2021. 

The aim is to test and develop various Agri-PV solutions. Besides the practical development and field tests, the business case will be set up in detail, and fiscal/legal aspects will also be investigated. 

4 Test Constructions will be built:

  • A PV Roof covering soft fruits – strawberries, raspberries and red berries.
  • A PV roof covering pear trees
  • A movable PV arch in combination with grass/clover and strip cultivation
  • PV construction in combination with field crops. 

For these test constructions, the impact on fruit/crop growth (both quantity and quality) will be determined, as well as the impact on soil quality, biodiversity and the appearance of diseases. These results will be input for the business case, and will be combined with construction costs and the power generation. To increase both the power production and crop growth, a special coating will be developed which turns UV light into visible light. The light transmittance toward the crops will be measured and combined into a model, thus helping the design of Agri-PV constructions. The PV constructions can be combined with tools for automated detection of diseases, allowing reduced application of crop protection products. To allow for training of installation personnel, instruction tools using augmented reality (AR) will be developed. An AR tool for politicians and local residents will also be developed, helping them to visualise the construction and provide information about the potential benefits, such as crop protection and reduced use of pesticides.