In the Sunbiose project, solar coverings above pear trees, raspberries, red berries and strawberries will be installed by Groenleven and measurements on the effect on crop growth, and crop- and soil quality will be carried out by Wageningen Universty & Research.  

Strawberries under solar panels

Test batches of strawberries

Preparing the pear orchard before placement of solar panels

Besides fruit covers, land based Agri-PV solutions will also be developed and tested. Solarvation is collaborating with Goldbeck Solar in the MarcS solar arch:

This construction will be combined with grass/clover growth underneath, and crop rotation on adjacent plots. See also

EasyFix Solar is investigating the combination of crop growth with solar panels. Several options are under investigation, including vertical bifacial PV and PV covers. 

To enhance both the crop growth, and the solar energy production, Brite Solar Technologies is developing a spectrum shifting coating. Brite has been experimenting with different coating formulations and studying their effect on both the increase of usable light availability for crops and the increase of PV yields. It has furthermore, together with specialised machine suppliers, designed and will realise a full production line for the manufacture of semi-transparent PV modules for agri-PV applications with the maximum degree of flexibility regarding their configuration.